Ansa Biotechnologies

Brief Description

With synthetic DNA fueling innovation in biological research, therapeutics, diagnostics, and biomanufacturing, there is an urgent need for faster and more accurate DNA synthesis. Currently, DNA is manufactured via a chemical method that has remained essentially unchanged for 35 years and has approached a plateau. Ansa Biotechnologies is developing a novel DNA synthesis technology based on enzymes that will be more fastaccurate, and clean than existing methods. The technique promises to dramatically accelerate innovation in biological research and engineering.

Our approach is based on polymerase-nucleotide conjugates that have the ability to extend a DNA molecule by one building block at a time. The technology was published in Nature Biotechnology as the first demonstration of an enzymatic DNA synthesis procedure. More information is available from a commentary article in Nature Biotechnology and news articles from Science Magazine, Cosmos Magazine, Genome Web, STAT News, Singularity Hub and Engadget. An interview with our CEO Daniel Arlow can be found on Research Gate. The invention was emphasized as one of the “5 coolest things on earth this week“ by GE.


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  • Research Tools
  • Medical Therapeutics