About Our Office

The Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA) has the mission of enhancing the research enterprise of the world's best public university by establishing multifaceted collaborations with companies. IPIRA consists of two peer divisions: the Industry Alliances Office and the Office of Technology Licensing. 

IPIRA reports to the Chief Innovation and Entrepreneurship Officer and the Vice Chancellor for Research.

IPIRA collaborates with Equity Solutions Services, which oversees UC Berkeley's corporate stock holdings, primarily those obtained from IP licenses and access to campus facilities and services.

The Office of Technology Licensing

The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) maximizes the commercialization of UC Berkeley's innovations by establishing relationships and contractual agreements that benefit the public, support campus research and education, and reward inventors for their ingenuity. More than 770 innovative products and 280 startup companies have been born out of technology licensed by the OTL.

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