Industry Sponsored Institute Incubator/Accelerator

Other incubator/startup arrangements and agreements. UC Berkeley's Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA) offers a variety of Innovation Services to design, negotiate, and execute contractual agreements between the university and third parties that leverage or support Berkeley's dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) ecosystem.

  • SSUFIE model for hosting/incubating startup companies. The institute may consider hosting and incubating startup companies under the SSUFIE model. The Shared Special User Facility for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SSUFIE) program enables early stage (pre-product sales) startup companies that are affiliated with UC Berkeley's startup accelerators to temporarily conduct new product R&D in faculty labs under certain conditions.
  • Other agreements. IAO also handles certain nondisclosure agreements, incoming material transfer agreements, data use agreements, and incoming software licenses. Representatives from IPIRA’s IAO and OTL can join calls and meetings to discuss contracting questions and/or intellectual property terms in contracts.