How to Work with Industry

One of the most significant ways industry can support research at UC Berkeley is by sponsoring research.

The IPIRA Industry Alliances Office (IAO) assists in establishing, developing, and formalizing relationships between UC Berkeley and companies interested in sponsoring research. Contact IAO to discuss how an agreement with a for-profit company can be developed to meet the needs of the situation. IAO officers will assist you from beginning to end.

  1. Preliminary discussions with a potential industry sponsor
  2. Proposal and terms and conditions of a contract
  3. Any special factors in your research and the company situation
  4. Proposal development
  5. Proposal review
  6. Proposal approval
  7. Proposal submission
  8. The award
  9. Signing and post-execution support
  10. Post-award processing

What is industry-sponsored research?

A for-profit company provides funding to Berkeley for use by a researcher or research team on a particular scope of work. Before UC Berkeley can invoice for the research funds, the Industry Alliances Office (IAO) works with you and the company to define the project and write and sign a contract outlining the terms of the relationship including rights in intellectual property, confidentiality, publication, and more.

If you are seeking funding from a foundation or other non-profit entity (such as a U.S. or foreign university), or a state or federal government agency, contact the Sponsored Projects Office for assistance.

If you seek research gifts, or if the company wishes only to provide gift funding, contact  University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR) or your department development officer. 

Types of agreements

IAO can support you by negotiating a variety of research agreements between UC Berkeley and for-profit industry sponsors, as well as all material and data providers, whether industry or not:

The process

Grant Life Cycle

Visit the Berkeley Grant Life Cycle website for guidance through the research proposal submission and award administration process.

Research proposals must be submitted through the Phoebe Proposal System for UC Berkeley review and authorization at least four days prior to the sponsor's deadline. Phoebe automatically routes proposals to the Industry Alliances Office for all grants or awards funded by industry.

To request a data use agreement (DUA), see IAO's Data Use Page.

To request a material transfer agreement (MTA), see IAO’s MTA Page.

Contact IAO for more information on how to submit an industry research proposal or material transfer agreement.