Legal Services for Startups

UC Berkeley founders can access core incorporation services through campus partnerships with leading law firms specializing in startups. Through IPIRA's partnerships with legal service providers, startups can consult at no charge with lawyers experienced in launching companies based on technologies developed at universities. QB3 and Berkeley Law offer additional opportunities, with connections to different law firms, educational workshops, and more. 

Gunderson Dettmer can provide qualifying startups associated with UC Berkeley a set package of core incorporation services at no charge, consisting of the below legal services.

Incorporation as a Delaware corporation and related startup documents, for example:

  • Initial founder consultation
  • Action of Sole Incorporator
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Board Action in Lieu of an Organizational Meeting
  • Bylaws
  • Stock Option Plan and Forms of Agreements Under the Plan
  • Founder Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Technology Assignment Agreements
  • Form Agreements
  • Employee Offer Letter
  • Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement (PIIA)
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Advisor Agreement
  • Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement
  • One Way Nondisclosure Agreement

Cost for Services: $0, plus out-of-pocket costs (including any applicable state filing fees), subject to (i) the use of the Firm’s standard forms with customary terms, and (ii) no negotiation of such documents by one or more founders, stockholders, or employees. Fees for the Firm’s time spent on the negotiation of such documents or other formation documents will be billed as incurred.

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Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton will provide to eligible startups associated with UC Berkeley a set package of core incorporation services at no charge, consisting of:

  • Initial consultation
  • Preparation and filing of the initial Certificate of Incorporation for a Delaware corporation
  • Submit Form SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number
  • Action by Sole Incorporator
  • Qualification to do business in the state of the Company's principal office
  • Prepare company Bylaws
  • Initial Consent of the Board (Appointment of Officers, Indemnification Agreements, Fiscal Affairs, Approval of Stock Plan)
  • Initial Consent of Stockholders (Indemnification Agreements, Stock Plan Approval)
  • Provide form of Indemnification Agreement for directors and officers
  • Prepare Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements, stock certificates, and receipts (for up to four founders)
  • Provide form of Advisor Agreement
  • Provide form of At-Will Employment Agreement (including confidential information, invention assignment and arbitration agreements)
  • Prepare Equity Incentive Plan and form of Stock Option Agreement
  • Provide forms of Consulting Agreement (Company and Individual)
  • Provide forms of mutual and one-way Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Securities filings for stock plan and founders share issuances

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Other Services



For qualified life science companies, QB3's affiliated law firms offer incorporation at no charge. Typically founders elect to incorporate as Delaware or California C-corporations.

QB3's legal affiliates may also offer introductory discussions of corporate or intellectual property matters at no charge. In some cases they are able to defer fees up to $25K until a company’s first funding round.

In general, companies developing biotechnology or pharmaceutical technologies are eligible for support. For medical devices and health technology, QB3 refers companies to the UCSF Rosenman Institute.

Startup@BerkeleyLaw is Berkeley Law's institute for entrepreneurship, venture capital, and the law. The program supports law students interested in the law surrounding entrepreneurship and provides legal education and services to the Berkeley startup community. These services include workshops for founders, pro bono office hours, and various corporate legal offerings. 

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UCSF Rosenman Institute

UCSF Rosenman Institute supports startups developing medical devices and health technologies. Connect with top legal firms offering pro bono services and consultations for incorporation, FDA regulatory support, IP strategy, university licensing, and more.

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