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2003 Alan Nyiri

"Preferred partner" —Dow

"One of five best" —Inc. Magazine

"Breakthrough business model" —National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine

Deal of Distinction —Licensing Executives Society

Patents for Humanity award —US Patent and Trademark Office

Legacy Award 2016 — East Bay Economic Development

Top University Worldwide in Number of Companies Founded by Undergraduate Alumni, and #2 for Female-founded Companies — Pitchbook

#1 Public University in the U.S. for Entrepreneurs with Graduate Degrees — PitchBook

$1B+ in Funds raised

including more than $1 Billion in Industry Sponsored Research and over $250M in Licensing Revenue.

780+ Products commercialized

from discoveries licensed through IPIRA such as of treatment for malaria and cancer, biofuels, robotic legs, DNA sequencing, surgical tools, forensic tools, handheld diagnostics, gene editing, mobile microscopy, nanowires, RFID, internet security software, search engines and more.

 290+ Startups founded

to commercialize inventions and copyrights under licenses from IPIRA, attracting $1.6B in venture funding and $51M in SBIR/STTR grants since 2005. 55 Startups have had a successful exit via merger or acquisition, totaling more than $9.2B in cash and stock options, plus 25 startups have exited through an IPO. 66 Berkeley startups currently in the Bay Area employ 1,543 Californians & generate $195M in annual revenue.

1400+ Companies served

through negotiated agreements with IPIRA, including $500M in industry-sponsored research from British Petroleum for the Energy Biosciences Institute, >$5M in industry-sponsored research from Aduro, and $89M in licensing revenue from Bristol-Myers Squibb.