Medical Therapeutics


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Developing a novel class of molecules, aza-@-tides, that mimic the structural features of natural amino acids. These can be synthesized from amino acid precursors in either direction using standard peptide synthesis methods, facilitating the assembly of libraries incorporating all the amino acid building blocks.

Timeline 2004. Company founded Inventors

Paul Bartlett, Ming Chen Hammond, Stephen Olson, Scott Phillips, Miroslav Rezac


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Iaterion is a biopharma company developing novel therapeutics for women's health and diseases. The company develops targeted selective nuclear receptor drugs addressing multiple indications encountered by women and focuses on novel drugs as an alternative to menopausal hormone therapy (MHT). The company was founded to commercialize a novel discovery made by UC Berkeley Adjunct Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences Dale Leitman, MD, PhD, for nuclear receptors reprogramming (NRRP) agents.

Iaterion's team brings decades of experience in the bio-...

GenEdit, Inc.

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GenEdit develops innovative therapies through targeted delivery of genetic medicines. The GenEdit founders share the vision that recent scientific advancements in engineering CRISPR components and delivery vehicles offer a groundbreaking opportunity to develop safe and effective medicines for genetic diseases.

The company's proprietary Polymer nanoparticle can deliver CRISPR protein and gRNA. CRISPR in a protein form has many advantages, delivery has been a challenge limiting its application. To deliver CRISPR protein, encapsulation of CRISPR ribonucleoprotein (RNP...

Redwood Bioscience Inc.

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Redwood Bioscience, Inc. develops a protein-chemical engineering technology to produce antibody-drug conjugates and other semi-synthetic biotherapeutics. The company offers SMARTag site-specific protein modification and cytotoxin-linker technologies that enable the generation of homogenous bioconjugates engineered to enhance potency, safety, and stability. Its SMARTag platform provides precise payload positioning and defined stoichiometry of payload-protein ratios. The company was incorporated in 2008 and is based in Emeryville, California. Redwood Bioscience, Inc....

Protiveris, Inc.

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Protiveris Inc. develops and commercializes micro- and nanocantilever systems for academic research, drug discovery and development, bio-defense, protein research, and discovery of new pharmaceuticals and diagnostic applications.

Timeline 1998. Company founded Inventors

Ohmyyoung Kwon, Arunava Majumdar, Minyao Mao, Thomas Perazzo, Guanghua Wu, Yang Zhao

Prolific Machines

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Prolific Machines specializes in cell production with a unique manufacturing approach that combats climate change, enables space-food, and makes cell therapy accessible to everyone. The company's photomolecular biology platform leverages safe and effective tools — light, bioengineering, hardware, and AI — for dynamic control over virtually any cell function in any cell type. With the technology, partners can more efficiently biomanufacture nutritional proteins, antibodies to treat diseases, cultivated meat, and more.

Timeline 2020. Company founded...


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Pow.Bio provides intelligent fermentation services for industrial and synthetic biology. The company's services combine continuous fermentation with advanced control methodology to quickly optimize the fermentation process and deliver high yields at low cost. The scale runs from 1-100 liter capacity for bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungi.

Ouwei Wang co-founded the company as a PhD student in the lab of UC Berkeley Professor of Microbiology John Coates.

Formerly known as POW Genetic Solutions.

Timeline 2018. Company founded ...


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Nurix is pioneering rational drug design in the emerging field of protein regulation by targeting E2 conjugating enzymes and E3 ligases that control the Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS).

Regulation of protein stability by the UPS is modulated by the activity of these E2 and E3 enzymes, which control the tagging of proteins with ubiquitin for degradation by the proteasome. The human genome encodes approximately 1,000 different E3 ligases and 60 E2 enzymes. A number of these ligases recently have been shown to play key roles in human diseases, particularly in cancer...

Ogma Scientific

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Ogma Scientific works with clients in the energy, mining and agriculture sectors and clients in the chemical industry to identify innovative treatment strategies for problems in industrial ecosystems. Our high-throughput screening services are uniquely tailored to identify successful treatments to stop undesirable microbial activity that impacts industrial processes. Examples include biosouring in the oil sector and acid mine drainage in the mining sector. Biosouring alone, caused by the inadvertent stimulation of microbial activity during oil or gas recovery, costs the...

Omniox, Inc.

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Omniox is an early stage biopharmaceutical company developing new medicines for hypoxic diseases. Hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) impacts cancer, cardiovascular diseases, trauma and many other conditions. The company has engineered an unusually stable oxygen carrier technology (H-NOX) to deliver oxygen into hypoxic tissues and improve the treatment of severe unmet medical needs. The technology overcomes the modes of failure of prior efforts in the field of oxygen therapeutics.

Timeline 2006. Company founded. Inventors

Elizabeth Boon,...