Ventria Biosciences (formerly known as Applied Phytologics Inc.)

Brief Description

Ventria Bioscience is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with a product pipeline enabled by ExpressTec. ExpressTec is a patented, plant-based recombinant protein manufacturing technology that delivers a ten-fold higher recombinant protein yield than other plant-based systems.

Ventria Bioscience's platform technology delivers meaningful and sustainable economic advantages by enabling new product opportunities that were not previously available. It can be used to develop new biotherapeutics, novel vaccines, reagents for biomanufacturing, and industrial and biofuel enzymes.

Ventria Bioscience's internal Therapeutic Pipeline includes new human therapeutic products and vaccines for controlling zoonotic disease. Ventria Bioscience also provides access to its platform technology through contract manufacturing services. Ventria Bioscience has an extensive intellectual property portfolio of more than 100 issued patents, exclusive licenses to issued patents, and patents in prosecution. These patents provide long-term sustainable advantage to Ventria Bioscience's manufacturing technology and product portfolio.


Tech Category

  • SBIR/STTR Recipient
  • Research Tools

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