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Setex Technologies is the leading manufacturer of gecko-inspired, dry adhesive solutions and products. Our Setex™ products address challenges current adhesives, gripping material and fasteners cannot. The technology enables visionary product designers, product engineers and manufacturing engineers of leading B2B and B2C firms. With Setex™, they can implement creative, first-to-market designs and solve tough, costly manufacturing problems. So whether it be driving customers’ top-line or improving their bottom line, nanoGriptech offers innovation, expertise and customization across a broad range of materials so that product experts can get the job done.

Our expertise has been developed over the years. Encouraged by the results of nearly a decade of academic research in understanding and synthesizing biologically-inspired adhesives, Dr. Metin Sitti, a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, founded and spun out nanoGriptech from the university in 2009. Since then, nanoGriptech’s team of subject matter experts have secured multiple research awards from the likes of the National Science Foundation, U.S. Defense Department, NASA, and the PA NanoMaterials Commercialization Center, among others. Their efforts have led to volume productions of commercial solutions.

Setex Technologies is the first mass-market manufacturer of dry adhesive technology, developing repeatable, polymer, micro-/nano-fibrillar adhesives for a wide range of product applications. Volume production of custom solutions or off-the-shelf products that span the adhesives, gripping material and fastener markets are currently possible. Setex Technologies has in-house research and development facilities to design, prototype, and evaluate different materials to meet our customers’ needs from our central Pittsburgh location.

formerly known as nanoGripTech


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  • SBIR/STTR Recipient
  • Advanced Materials

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