Advanced Materials

UC Berkeley intellectual property spinouts commercializing innovations in ADVANCED MATERIALS.

Isoreticular Sciences

Brief Description

The design and synthesis of novel isoreticular materials.

Timeline 2020. Company founded. Inventors

Nikita Hanikel, Steven James Lyle, Hao Lyu, Lac Ha Nguyen, Wentao Xu, Omar Yaghi, Bing Zhang

Izote Biosciences

Brief Description

Producing bioplastics through aerobic microbial processes.

Timeline 2022. Company founded Inventors

John Coates

Kaiwood Technologies

Brief Description

Functionally integrated microanalytical system for performing fluorescence spectroscopy via fluorescence-excition radiation, typically from an LED, integrated onto a substrate along with a photodetector an an optical filter.

Timeline 2003. Company founded Inventors

J. Alex Chediak, Nathan Cheung, Luke Lee, Zhongsheng Luo, Timothy Sands, Jeonggi Seo

Magan Materials

Brief Description

Magan Materials was founded based on revolutionary antioxidant materials discovered by UC Berkeley Chemical Engineering Professor Alexander Katz’s research group.

Timeline 2022. Company founded. Inventors

James Charles Bohling, Juan Callejas, Alexander Katz, Manish Mishra, Antony Van Dyk

ChemFinity Technologies

Brief Description

ChemFinity Technologies addresses environmental challenges in critical mineral recovery, water purification, and gas separations by creating molecularly selective materials that eliminate pollution and circularize natural resources.

Timeline 2022. Company founded. Inventors

Adam Andrew Uliana, Christopher Chang, Ever Onery Velasquez, Gokhan Barin, Jeffrey Long, Jeffrey Urban, Jonathan Bachman, Ngoc Thi-Nhu Bui, Sumin Lee, Zachary Pace Smith


Brief Description

Atoco was created to leverage decades of advancements in reticular chemistry and nanotechnology to fight climate change. The company is tackling the causes of global warming and the resulting water scarcity by developing sustainable and transformational solutions in the fields of Atmospheric Water Harvesting and CO2 Capture – all built upon Professor Omar Yaghi’s discoveries in molecularly engineered materials. When Yaghi pioneered reticular chemistry in the 1990s, he did not envision that this breakthrough could change the world. He was more focused on the task at hand:...


Brief Description

Calyx is a materials science company that harnesses biology to provide low cost and highly accurate sensors for real-time detection and analysis of air chemicals in a variety of industries, including safety, healthcare, transportation, and food. The company offers commercial customers phage-based sensing and analysis of multiple gasses.

Company co-founders Ray Chiu and Benson Fan developed the company’s founding technology as a capstone project while they were students in the UC Berkeley-UCSF Masters in Bioengineering program. With the encouragement of UC Berkeley...

Advanced Materials

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Silicor Materials, Inc.

Brief Description

Silicor Materials was a global leader in the production of solar silicon. The company was headquartered San Jose, California, with a research and development team located in Berlin, Germany.

The organization was founded as a development company in 2006 under the name Calisolar, with the goal of manufacturing low-cost photovoltaic (PV) solar cells from silicon designed specifically for the solar industry (“solar silicon”) rather than electronic-grade polysilicon. Among the company's founding members was solar energy pioneer UC Berkeley Professor of Materials Science...

Setex Technologies

Brief Description Setex Technologies is the leading manufacturer of gecko-inspired, dry adhesive solutions, offering innovative products that surpass traditional adhesives, gripping materials, and fasteners. Our Setex™ products empower product designers and engineers in both B2B and B2C sectors to create unique, first-to-market designs and address complex manufacturing challenges, enhancing both top-line and bottom-line performance. Founded in 2009 by Dr. Metin Sitti, a Carnegie Mellon University professor, nanoGriptech (now Setex Technologies) has built its expertise through nearly a...