Photoswitch Biosciences Inc.


Brief Description

Photoswitch Biosciences was founded in 2010 to advance applications of designed-for-purpose, photo-activated ion channels. It became clear that new tools were needed to advance the research. The therapeutic mission has been separated so that Photoswitch Biosciences today can focus on providing advanced tools to the research community.

Our mission is to provide best-in-class instrumentation to the industrial and academic research communities. Founded by scientists familiar with need for reliable instrumentation and advanced software, the user experience is at the core of our design.


Matthew Banghart, Katherine Borges, Doris Fortin, Pablo Gorostiza, Ehud Isacoff, Richard Kramer, Alexandre Mourot, Katharine Munckton, Dirk Trauner, Matthew Volgraf


  • 2010. Company founded