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Brief Description

Ogma Scientific works with clients in the energy, mining and agriculture sectors and clients in the chemical industry to identify innovative treatment strategies for problems in industrial ecosystems. Our high-throughput screening services are uniquely tailored to identify successful treatments to stop undesirable microbial activity that impacts industrial processes.  Examples include biosouring in the oil sector and acid mine drainage in the mining sector. Biosouring alone, caused by the inadvertent stimulation of microbial activity during oil or gas recovery, costs the industry almost $100 billion per year.  

Ogma combines expertise in environmental microbiology and geochemistry with expertise in high-throughput screening to rapidly identify chemicals and chemical formulations of value for treating microbial issues in industrial systems. Our unique capabilities allow for the quantitative ranking of compounds in terms of both their potency and selectivity against a microbial process, and assessment of synergy or antagonism with existing process chemistry.  Our services lead to more cost-effective treatment biocontrol strategies. 


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  • Research Tools
  • Medical Therapeutics

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