GenEdit, Inc.

Brief Description

GenEdit was founded by UC Berkeley scientists who developed targeted delivery technologies for CRISPR therapeutics. The GenEdit founders share the vision that recent scientific advancements in engineering CRISPR components and delivery vehicles offer a groundbreaking opportunity to develop safe and effective medicines for genetic diseases.

Our proprietary Polymer nanoparticle can deliver CRISPR protein and gRNA. Despite CRISPR in a protein form has many advantages, delivery has been a challenge limiting its application. To deliver CRISPR protein, encapsulation of CRISPR ribonucleoprotein (RNP) and efficient uptake by target cell need to be achieved. GenEdit solves the challenge with its proprietary polymer nanoparticle platform.


Kunwoo Lee, Irina Conboy, Niren Murthy, Michael Conboy

Tech Category

  • Medical Therapeutics
  • Medical Diagnostics

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