Acacia Biosciences, Inc.

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Brief Description

Acacia Biosciences, Inc. was a drug discovery technology company committed to the creation of proprietary assay systems and databases that facilitate the rapid development of biopharmaceutical s and agricultural chemicals. The Genome Reporter Matrix is the first in a series of novel tools that provide practical analysis of early stage chemicals by interpreting their effects across entire genomes. In addition to the GRM, Acacia's technology is used to discover novel targets and gene regulatory mechanisms.

Acacia Biosciences merged with Rosetta Inpharmatics in 1999.

Rosetta Inpharmatics was acquired by Merck in July 2001.


  • 1995. Company founded
  • 1999. Acacia Biosciences merged with Rosetta Inpharmatics
  • 2001. Rosetta Inpharmatics acquired by Merck


Matthew Ashby, Jasper Rine