IPIRA Startups

IPIRA Startups

ChemFinity Technologies

Brief Description

ChemFinity Technologies addresses environmental challenges in critical mineral recovery, water purification, and gas separations by creating molecularly selective materials that eliminate pollution and circularize natural resources.

Timeline 2022. Company founded. Inventors

Adam Andrew Uliana, Christopher Chang, Ever Onery Velasquez, Gokhan Barin, Jeffrey Long, Jeffrey Urban, Jonathan Bachman, Ngoc Thi-Nhu Bui, Sumin Lee, Zachary Pace Smith


Brief Description

Pow.Bio provides intelligent fermentation services for industrial and synthetic biology. The company's services combine continuous fermentation with advanced control methodology to quickly optimize the fermentation process and deliver high yields at low cost. The scale runs from 1-100 liter capacity for bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungi. The first-of-its-kind fermentation technology solves the capacity problem of bioproduction with high-performance continuous fermentation that can run for hundreds of hours. This holy grail of biology offers an order of magnitude step...

Frontier Medicines Corporation

Brief Description

Frontier Medicines was founded to develop medical treatments for currently "undruggable" diseases. The clinical stage precision medicine company pioneers medicines for genetically-defined patient populations in oncology and immunology, and plans to broaden its therapeutic focus over time. The company uses chemoproteomics - an innovative approach to chemically interrogate proteins in living systems – to discover and pharmacologically target new binding pockets (or "hotspots") on proteins, making them accessible to small-molecule drug discovery and development. The...

20n Labs, Inc.

Brief Description

The next decade is going to see a biotech revolution fueled by three technologies: ability to read DNA (sequencing), ability to write DNA (synthesis), and computational systems that predict what DNA to read and write. With sequencing and synthesis being mainstream now, 20n provides the computational systems that predict DNA design for novel industrial biotech and health applications. At 20n, we are taking a fresh look at turning biological data into information. We approach it as a big data learning problem, and bring to bear techniques from machine learning, distributed...

Xip Diagnostics

Brief Description

Xip Diagnostics develops analytical solutions that advance human and animal health at the point of need through in-house product development and industry-leading collaborations.

The company's disposable blood analyzers wirelessly upload lab-quality clinical measurements in minutes, providing blood testing with no hassles, no delays, and no instrument. These devices will be deployed in Emergency Departments (EDs), clinics, and eventually the home.

Xip Diagnostics Founder and CEO Dr. Octavian Florescu spun out the company to commercialize research discoveries...

Wireless Industrial Technologies, Inc.

Brief Description

The mission of Wireless Industrial Technologies, Inc. is to apply wireless technology to improve the productivity, energy efficiency, and environmental footprint of heavy industry. The company offers mesh networking, sensors, and model-based control software. Inventor and President of Wireless Industrial Technologies Dr. James Evans, was a UC Berkeley Faculty member for 35 years, serving as professor of metallurgy
and mineral engineering in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Timeline 2005. Company founded. Inventors

James Evans,...

YourChoice Therapeutics

Brief Description

YourChoice Therapeutics is revolutionizing birth control options for women and men by developing hormone-free contraceptives and bringing them to market. Our technology is the result of a decade of research at the University of California, Berkeley and has been published in numerous high-impact journals.

Timeline 2018. Company founded Inventors

Yuriy Kirichok, Polina Lishko, Nadja Mannowetz, Melissa Miller


Brief Description A biotechnology company harnessing synthetic biology to convert the low value, abundant fruit and vegetable byproducts like citrus peels and sugar beet pulp into useful products such as household cleaning ingredients, bio-based plastics, vitamins, and other specialty chemicals, thereby enabling customers to receive renewable, eco-friendly products at a reasonable cost. Timeline 2017. Company founded. Inventors John Dueber, Ryan Joseph Protzko

Zephyrus Biosciences, Inc.

Brief Description

This life science research tools company was spun out of technology developed in the UC Berkeley bioengineering department. Zephyrus Biosciences developed medical research tools for single-cell analyses, enabling high resolution biology. The company's first product, called Milo, was a benchtop instrument that allowed researchers to search for specific proteins in about 1,000 single cells at once. This improved western blotting instrument made it possible to analyze individual cells for the first time. The high-throughput and high-selectivity protein fingerprinting gave...

Xenometrix, Inc.

Brief Description Xenometrix, Inc. developed proprietary gene response profiling and genotoxicity technologies to enable high throughput screening for genotoxicity, helping the pharmaceutical industry improve the effectiveness of drug discovery and development through lead compound optimization. The company's goal was to accelerate the selection of promising drug and chemical leads for pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology industries. The company's bioinformatics team assembled a database of gene profiles for public domain pharmaceuticals. Timeline 1991. Company founded...