Brief Description

PhenomeX is a functional cell biology company with a unique suite of high-throughput tools and services combining bioscience, technology, and information. The platforms, assays, and services make it possible to quickly and efficiently obtain a full view of the behavior of each cell, delivering insights on cell function that meet the demands for cell based processes in biotherapeutic discovery and development, cellular therapy manufacturing, synthetic biology, ag-bio, and other fields.

Formerly known as Berkeley Lights, Inc.

PhenomeX was acquired by Bruker (NAS: BRKR) for $108 million on October 3, 2023.


Ming Chiang Wu, Pei Yu Chiou, Aaron Ohta, Justin Valley, Arash Jamshidi,, Jodi Loo, Maurice Garcia, Hsan Yin Hsu, Steven Neale, Jian Gong, Randall Lowe, Gaetan Mathieu, Shao Ning Pei, Tom Lue, Kuo Wei Huang, Igor Khandros, Sung-Yong Park

Tech Category

  • BSAC-Affiliated Startup
  • Research Tools

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