Neomorphic Software

Neomorphic Software

Brief Description

Neomorphic uses proprietary software algorithms and computing infrastructure to analyze, assemble and annotate genomic and expressed gene sequence data. Neomorphic's bioinformatics capabilities have been demonstrated in several scientific settings, including the Drosophila annotation jamboree sponsored by Celera Genomics, and the Genome Annotation Assessment Project. Through these efforts, Neomorphic demonstrated that its tools are the most accurate at identifying genes and other regulatory regions within genomic sequence. Neomorphic's work with its collaborators on the fruit fly annotation project was published in the March 24, 2000 issue of Science and in the April, 2000 issue of Genome Research. Neomorphic's clients include many leaders in the pharmaceutical and genomics fields such as Celera Genomics, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Monsanto Company and The Institute for Genomic Research.

Affymetrix acquired Neomorphic for $70M in late 2000.


  • 1996. Company founded
  • 2000. Affymetrix acquired Neomorphic


Cyrus L. Harmon, Gregg Helt