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Namuh is on a mission to close the nutritional gap between infant formula and human milk. The company provides parents with infant nutrition closest to breast milk at the molecular level, using only clean and thoughtfully-sourced human milk ingredients so parents can nourish their babies with confidence. This is made possible by NAMUH’s proprietary yeast-based technology to create human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), the critical missing ingredient, structurally identical to those found in breast milk. Powered by the clean HMOs and partnerships with premium protein/lipid players, NAMUH aims to exactly match the breast milk nutrient composition in their formulation.

The company creates complex sugars with prebiotic functions. These sugars are not energy sources for the human body; instead, they selectively feed the beneficial bacteria living inside the human gut. This restores balance in the gut microbiome, which in return, promotes the immune system and the nervous system. 

Formerly known as Zimitech, Inc, and formerly known as Sugarlogix.


Kulika Chomvong

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