Cell Guidance Systems Ltd

Brief Description

Cell Guidance Systems is based in Cambridge (UK), at the heart of one of the world's most exciting biotech regions. We develop therapeutic products as well as medical research tools and technologies that expand the possibilities of life science research and medicine. Established in 2010, our growing success has been achieved by working closely with many researchers from around the world (including Japan, USA, Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, and the UK) to develop truly innovative products that address unmet medical and research needs. Many of our products are groundbreaking: For example, PODS™ (developed in the lab of Prof Hajime Mori at Kyoto Institute of Technology) is overcoming stability issues of many proteins, offering new possibilities in research and hope for new therapies, and ETS-embryo medium (developed in the lab of Prof Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz at Cambridge University) enables the production of "artificial embryos" from stem cells. Another of our technologies.

As well as providing reagents and research services, we are involved in several areas of therapeutic research based on the PODS™ technology. We are collaborating with researchers and companies in the UK, USA, Italy and Japan to develop vaccines and therapeutics for a variety of diseases.


Tech Category

  • Research Tools

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