IPIRA Startups

IPIRA Startups

Water Harvesting, Inc

Brief Description Water Harvesting Inc. was formed in 2018 to commercialize atmospheric water harvesting systems based on metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and address the global challenge of water scarcity. MOFs work for atmospheric water harvesting even under very arid conditions. Timeline 2018. Company founded. Inventors Farhad Fathieh, Nikita Hanikel, Markus Kalmutzki, Ievgen Kapustin, Hao Lyu, Mathieu Steven Prevot, Omar Yaghi, JingJing Yang, Bing Zhang

Ogma Scientific

Brief Description

Ogma Scientific works with clients in the energy, mining and agriculture sectors and clients in the chemical industry to identify innovative treatment strategies for problems in industrial ecosystems. Our high-throughput screening services are uniquely tailored to identify successful treatments to stop undesirable microbial activity that impacts industrial processes. Examples include biosouring in the oil sector and acid mine drainage in the mining sector. Biosouring alone, caused by the inadvertent stimulation of microbial activity during oil or gas recovery, costs the...

O.N. Diagnostics, LLC

Brief Description

O.N. Diagnostics was founded by UC Berkeley Professor of Mechanical Engineering Tony M. Keaveny based on biomedical engineering research conducted at UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. The company's mission is to improve patient outcomes by developing non-invasive and clinically effective diagnostic applications that quantitatively exploit the richness of information in CT scans. The company achieves scientific and technological excellence through rigorous research and validation, combined with the highest industry standards in execution and quality control....


Brief Description

Nurix is pioneering rational drug design in the emerging field of protein regulation by targeting E2 conjugating enzymes and E3 ligases that control the Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS).

Regulation of protein stability by the UPS is modulated by the activity of these E2 and E3 enzymes, which control the tagging of proteins with ubiquitin for degradation by the proteasome. The human genome encodes approximately 1,000 different E3 ligases and 60 E2 enzymes. A number of these ligases recently have been shown to play key roles in human diseases, particularly in cancer...

Noble Thermodynamic Systems

Brief Description

Noble Thermodynamics is a clean-tech startup spun out from the Combustion Analysis Laboratories at University of California, Berkeley. Our core technology, the Argon Power Cycle, is a closed-loop IC engine cycle using a noble gas working fluid to increase efficiency and facilitate exhaust product separation. We are focused on applications in carbon-free power production, deep grid-energy storage, enhanced oil recovery, and carbon capture and sequestration.

Timeline 2015. Company founded. Inventors

Jyh-Yuan Chen, Robert Woodrow Dibble, Timothy Burke...

Indoor Reality, Inc

Brief Description

Indoor Reality's visual and metric documentation of the indoors creates technological bridges between the physical and digital worlds. The company's patented hardware and software platform automates 3D-tagging of objects, and dimension measurements, making it possible for property owners, facility managers, and others to provide real time, 3D tours of facilities. Applications include architecture, engineering, and construction, energy audits, facilities management, commercial real estate, first respondents, and real time occupancy tracking.

The company was founded...


Brief Description

suitX brought advanced accessible exoskeletons to industrial and medical markets with funding from venture capital, industry, and government.

Formerly known as U.S. Bionics.

Acquired by Ottobock in 2021.

Timeline 2011. Company founded. 2021. Acquired by Ottobock. Inventors

Homayoon Kazerooni, Adam Zoss, Andre Nguyen Van Qui, Bradley Perry, Christina Yee, Daniel Merala, David Cuban, Dong-Jin Hyun, Dylan Fairbanks, Erich Hacker, Han Woong Bae, James Alden Hatch, Jason Reid, JiaLong James Ren, Jing Song Huang, JJ Kuwata...

Stylus Medicine

Brief Description

Stylus Medicine is on a mission to develop next-generation therapies for disease, based on the pioneering work of leaders in the fields of genome engineering and chromatin regulation.

Timeline 2022. Company founded. Inventor

Patrick David Hsu

Spotlight Therapeutics

Brief Description

Developer of next-generation gene editing therapeutics in a preclinical pipeline. The company creates programmable nucleases that selectively target and edit specific cell populations directly in the body. These engineered nucleases will enable direct intervention in vivo like a true administered biologic. Spotlight Therapeutics co-founders include Dr. Patrick Hsu, a UC Berkeley Assistant Professor of Bioengineering and co-founder of the Arc Institute.

Timeline 2017. Company founded. Inventors

Colleen McGourty, Lorena de Onate, Ross...

Spiral Devices LLC

Brief Description

Spiral Devices LLC is a biotechnology company committed to developing and commercializing technologies that improve the in vivo delivery of biological molecules for studying and treating disease. The company's BioDriver particle bombardment device delivers biolactive molecules into cells.

The company was co-founded by Kenneth Greenberg, to commercialize technology he invented as a UC Berkeley postdoctoral fellow in MCB Neurobiology, where he developed gene therapies for neurological diseases using chemogenetics,...