UC Policies & Useful Forms


Subaward Request Link   Interactive PDF
Proposal Checklist for PIs Link    
Material Transfer Agreements      
MTA Request Form Link Word  
Conflict of Interest      
Conflict of Interest Commitee Link    
Federal Financial Disclosure Form Link    
Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators (State of California Form 700-U) Link   Interactive PDF
Addendum to Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators Link   Interactive PDF
Managing Potential Conflicts of Interest in Licensing under the CA Political Reform Act Link   Interactive PDF
UC Summary Statement of Principles & Policies on Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research Link   Interactive PDF
Inventor Packet Link    
Software Packet Link    
Agreement Templates      
Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement   Word  
Sponsored Research Agreement   Word  
Sample Exclusive License Agreement    PDF  
Sample Startup Letter Agreement   PDF  
Other Forms and Documents      
Compliance Information Form for Research Gifts Link Word Interactive PDF
Indirect Cost Rates Link    
Cost Sharing Link Word Interactive PDF

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