IPIRA Startups

IPIRA Startups

Propagate Sensing

Brief Description

Measuring changes in temperature and strain distributed along the length of an optical fiber with Brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry for civil engineering projects.

Timeline 2021. Company founded Inventors

Bo Li, Linqing Luo, Kenichi Soga, Jize Yan, Yifei Yu

Prolific Machines

Brief Description

Prolific Machines specializes in cell production with a unique manufacturing approach that combats climate change, enables space-food, and makes cell therapy accessible to everyone. The company's photomolecular biology platform leverages safe and effective tools — light, bioengineering, hardware, and AI — for dynamic control over virtually any cell function in any cell type. With the technology, partners can more efficiently biomanufacture nutritional proteins, antibodies to treat diseases, cultivated meat, and more.

Timeline 2020. Company founded...

Personal Comfort Systems Inc.

Brief Description

Personal Comfort Systems, Inc. (PCS) was incorporated as a Delaware corporation in July 2014 by cofounders Peter Rumsey and Kurt Herzog. At the same time PCS signed an exclusive license for the patent of a heated and cooled office chair with smart controls and whole building interface capabilities. The chair now called the Hyperchair, is to be sold to companies who want to address employee comfort and energy savings.

Timeline 2014. Company founded Inventors

Michael Andersen, Edward Arens, Wilmer Pasut, Hui...

Pinnacle Photonics

Brief Description

Pinnacle Photonics develops high-efficiency vertical-cavity surface emitting laser arrays for 3D-sensing and ranging applications.

Timeline 2019. Company founded Inventors

Connie Chang-Hasnain, Kevin Cook, Jonas Horst Kapraun, Emil Kolev, Jipeng Qi, PengFei Qiao, Jiaxing Wang

Persistent Efficiency

Brief Description

Persistent Efficiency was founded with the goal of providing cost-effective, sustainable energy-monitoring solutions.

Timeline 2014. Company founded Inventors

Jeremy Coyle, Igor Paprotny, Jason Trager, Richard White, Qiliang Xu


Brief Description

Manufacturer of bio-derived hydrogen peroxide using synthetic biology intended to make photosynthesis better. The company engineers enzymes that are used instead of traditional chemical catalysts to remove organic solvents during the production of hydrogen peroxide, allowing the process to occur in any environment while reducing carbon emissions.

Timeline 2020. Company founded Inventors

Christopher Eiben, Jay Keasling

Peregrine Biotechnology

Brief Description

Production of foie gras without force feeding.

Timeline 2017. Company founded Inventors

Jacob Corn, Benjamin Gregor Gowen

Omniox, Inc.

Brief Description

Omniox is an early stage biopharmaceutical company developing new medicines for hypoxic diseases. Hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) impacts cancer, cardiovascular diseases, trauma and many other conditions. The company has engineered an unusually stable oxygen carrier technology (H-NOX) to deliver oxygen into hypoxic tissues and improve the treatment of severe unmet medical needs. The technology overcomes the modes of failure of prior efforts in the field of oxygen therapeutics.

Timeline 2006. Company founded. Inventors

Elizabeth Boon,...

Nodexus, Inc.

Brief Description

Nodexus is commercializing an integrated, “one-click” platform that is low-cost, compact, and provides a simplified workflow to deliver enriched single cells of interest from a wide variety of samples such as stem cells, transfected cell lines, cultured cell lines, dissociated tissue, and whole blood.

Timeline 2014. Company founded. Inventors

Lydia Sohn, Daniel Yang, George Anwar, James Hack, Karthik Balakrishnan, Matthew Chambers, Matthew Chapman

Magnetic Insight

Brief Description

Magnetic Insight is developing solutions in Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI), a ground-breaking technology that will overcome major deficiencies with current clinical and translational research imaging techniques.

Magnetic Insight Inc. was founded by one of the leading research groups in the global field of Magnetic Particle Imaging from UC Berkeley.

Timeline 2012. Company founded Inventors

Steve Conolly, Patrick Goodwill