IPIRA Startups

IPIRA Startups

Davis Allergy Research

Brief Description

Research tool to test genetically-engineered foods for allergens.

Timeline 1998. Company founded Inventors

Bob Buchanan, Gregorio Del Val, Oscar Frick, Hye Rim Jung, Boihon Yee


Brief Description

UrbanScan developed technologies for producing 3D virtual models with LiDar and video camera data. The technology was originally developed in the lab of Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Professor Avideh Zakhor, who co-founded UrbanScan in 2005.

Google acquired the UrbanScan technology in 2007, and used the software for web-based 3D reconstruction of urban landscapes as the basis for Google Earth.

Timeline 2005. Company founded 2007. Google acquires the UrbanScan technology,...

KineMed Inc.

Brief Descriptiom

This field-leading biotech company worked with major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to produce data on target engagement, toxicity and disease progression to accelerate drug development and reduce the overall costs and risks. The pathway-based drug discovery and development company was founded to identify active drug candidates preclinically and confirm their therapeutic activity. The company helped in expediting the drug development process and provided real-time insight into conditions including metabolic disorders, cancer, and diseases of inflammation and...

Kryptos Biotechnologies

Brief Description

Developer of molecular diagnostic software designed for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The company's platform develops a point-of-care, ultrafast photonic polymerase chain reaction that can create a fast photothermal heating plasmonic thin film by a light-emitting diode, enabling medical professionals to make the right clinical decision quickly at a reasonable cost.

Timeline 2017. Company founded Inventors

Luke Lee, Byungrae Cho, Lun Ho Son


Brief Description

The company designs state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms that focus on sounds using binaural cues, just like the human brain. AudioFocus uses deep learning to selectively amplify nearby sounds, filtering out other sounds and voices that don't match this fingerprint, and then plays the edited audio stream back, enabling the users to hear friends and family clearly in noisy environments, like restaurants and conferences.

Timeline 2019. Company founded Inventors

Shariq Aman Mobin, Bruno Olshausen


BRIEF DESCRIPTION 3D printing for medical and food applications. Mass producing alternative steaks from alternative ground beef. Scalable solution for 3D printed alternative meat.

The Cryolithographic Technology was initially developed to produce biological organs for organ transplant. Realizing that there was an immediate commercial opportunity in food production, RS3Dprints was spun out of the lab.

INVENTOR Boris Rubinsky, Zeev Shaked, and Michal Adamkievicz

RoadSafe GIS, Inc.


Our team is bringing modern technology to collision data management. We have seen too many outdated or complex software tools in the field and felt there was a better way. We are dedicated to providing a clean, effective means to manage collision data. We want to empower traffic safety practitioners and help them reduce the number and severity of motor vehicle collisions on our roadways.

We have a strong background in engineering, GIS, cloud technology, programming and research. That is the heart of RoadSafe GIS. We are excited to be providing our service and look...

Elenae Therapeutics


Applying antisense oligonucleotide technology to target coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


Anders Naar

Juvena Therapeutics


Juvena Therapeutics is a venture-backed biopharma startup discovering novel protein-based therapeutics that promote tissue regeneration in the elderly and treat various age-related diseases. We are building a protein-based discovery platform by implementing an efficient identification, screening and preclinical development pipeline.


Michael Conboy, Irina Conboy, David Schaffer, and Hanadie Yousef

Kuro Labs Inc.


Kuro Labs measures more of the world than ever before, with instrumentation in mobile devices, laptops, desktops, datacenters, vehicles, and even our own bodies. Kuro Labs developed Normal, a battery diagnosis service that suggests personalized actions that can be taken to extend the battery life.

INVENTOR Eemil Lagerspetz, Adam Oliner, Anand Padmanabha Iyer, Sasu Tarkoma