IPIRA Startups

IPIRA Startups

Lyterian Therapeutics, Inc.

Brief Description

Lyterian Therapeutics is committed to developing transformative medicines for patients by co-opting physiologically relevant protein homeostatic mechanisms to regulate genetically-validated targets. Lyterian is derived from λυτήριος or lutḗrios, which means termination, healing, or end of disease. Disease resolution is coordinated by endogenous and exogenous agents that recruit cells and other effectors to the site of injury. Lyterian Therapeutics medicines are inspired by the logic that orchestrates homeostatic equilibria and drives healing.

Timeline 2022....

Magan Materials

Brief Description

Magan Materials was founded based on revolutionary antioxidant materials discovered by UC Berkeley Chemical Engineering Professor Alexander Katz’s research group.

Timeline 2022. Company founded. Inventors

James Charles Bohling, Juan Callejas, Alexander Katz, Manish Mishra, Antony Van Dyk

Kaiwood Technologies

Brief Description

Functionally integrated microanalytical system for performing fluorescence spectroscopy via fluorescence-excition radiation, typically from an LED, integrated onto a substrate along with a photodetector an an optical filter.

Timeline 2003. Company founded Inventors

J. Alex Chediak, Nathan Cheung, Luke Lee, Zhongsheng Luo, Timothy Sands, Jeonggi Seo


Brief Description

Developing a novel class of molecules, aza-@-tides, that mimic the structural features of natural amino acids. These can be synthesized from amino acid precursors in either direction using standard peptide synthesis methods, facilitating the assembly of libraries incorporating all the amino acid building blocks.

Timeline 2004. Company founded Inventors

Paul Bartlett, Ming Chen Hammond, Stephen Olson, Scott Phillips, Miroslav Rezac

Vicinitas Therapeutics

Brief Description

Vicinitas Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on targeted protein stabilizers known as Deubiquituinase Targeting Chimeras (DUBTACs). The company’s mission is to use this proprietary technology to solve critical problems in human health by developing next-generation disease therapies against an entire class of previously inaccessible disease-causing proteins. The company spun out of technology that was developed through an academic-industry collaboration between UC Berkeley researchers and Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research.

Timeline 2022...

Xydex Corporation

Brief Description

Tweezers for dextrous manipulation of micro objects.

Timeline 2001. Company founded. Inventors

Ronald Fearing, Eiji Shimada

Videnda, Inc.

Brief Description

Cellular Neural Network universal machine and super computer, nonlinear networks.

Timeline 2000. Company founded. Inventors

Leon O. Chua, Tamas Roska, Frank Werblin, Lin Yang

RareTerra, Inc.

Brief Description

RareTerra is developing a one-step environmentally friendly bio-process for selective rare-earth element (REE) extraction, separation, and purification that doesn't rely on harsh acids or high temperatures and pressures. RareTerra’s technology eliminates the costliest and most hazardous steps of the manufacturing process, and is compatible with complex, dilute, and waste REE sources. The company's proprietary process leverages the power of genetic and metabolic engineering to unlock the remarkable capacity of microbes to separate REEs from other metals and bioaccumulate...

Quadrant Imaging

Brief Description

LAMDA-based (laser amplified motion detection and analysis) ultra-high resolution optical microscopes with high-density data storage system, using a method of laser feedback interferometry which permits the imaging of nanometer-scale structures.

Timeline 1995. Company founded Inventors

Alan J. Bearden, Michael P. O'Niell

ReRx Therapeutics

Brief Description

ReRx is developing novel oral therapeutics to treat patients with severe metabolic diseases including obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and liver diseases. The company's therapeutics target metabolic pathways involved in regulating energy homeostasis and improve treatment outcomes compared to similar pharmacological agents.

Timeline 2023. Company founded Inventors

Chi Zhu, Anders Michael Naar, Justin Yu-Sun Lee