Purchasing Commercially Available Materials or Data

Supply Chain Management

If you need to purchase goods and/or services (potentially involving materials or data) from a supplier, contact the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Buyer that supports your department for assistance with a contract and purchase order (or other payment mechanism). SCM supports the academic and research mission of the university by developing agreements with suppliers in compliance with University of California, state, and federal requirements, including risk assessment and protection of UC intellectual property. The university requires that suppliers accept UC terms and conditions of purchase, data security, and UC agreement, depending on the nature of services. SCM has delegated authority for high dollar purchases of goods and services greater than $10,000 and in addition all orders of any dollar value when they involve special considerations. When orders are greater than or equal to $100,000, requirements must be competitively bid unless they have a valid exemption to competitive bidding.


If you have a low dollar purchase of common unrestricted data or materials under $10,000, departmental users can purchase the data through BearBuy as long as there is not a contract that needs to be signed. Buyers with a letter of the delegation will need to sign any contracts with Suppliers. Select buyer intervention during the requisition creation process to route an order to your department-assigned Buyer. Individual faculty members, staff, and students should contact their department business officer.


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