Industry Sponsored Research

Industry can support research at Berkeley in a variety of ways. One of the biggest is by sponsoring research. Sponsoring research means providing funding to Berkeley for use by a researcher or research team on a particular scope of work. IAO staff at Berkeley will be glad to discuss how an agreement can be constructed to meet the needs of the situation.

IPIRA’s Industry Alliances Office (IAO) handles various agreements involving research funded at UC Berkeley by for-profit industry sponsors. If your research will involve interactions with and funding from industry sponsors, our IAO officers are here to help you with the process.

IAO officers are here to assist you from beginning to end - from early discussions to proposal submission, negotiation and post award processing. We negotiate a variety of research agreements with industry, ranging from multi-million dollar sponsored research agreements to confidentiality agreements to SBIR and STTR subcontracts from small businesses.

Research proposals must be submitted through the Phoebe Proposal System for UC Berkeley review and authorization at least four days prior to the sponsor's deadline. Phoebe automatically routes proposals to the Industry Alliances Office for all grants or awards funded by industry. 

If you have proposals or agreements from a foundation or other non-profit entity (such as a U.S. or foreign university), or state or federal government funds, contact the Sponsored Projects Office for assistance

The Industry Alliances Office (IAO) in IPIRA assists the campus in establishing, developing, and formalizing relationships with companies interested in promoting and sponsoring research. The IAO manages the following types of activities:

  • All new industry collaboration agreements (funded and unfunded)
  • All incoming material transfer agreements
  • All research proposals going to an industry sponsor
  • All new research agreements where funding comes directly from an industry sponsor to the university
  • All SRC/MARCO contracts where the contract is directly between the industry sponsor and the university
  • Membership agreements/industry affiliates agreements
  • Marketing board agreements

Contact IAO for more information on how to submit an industry research proposal or material transfer agreement.