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Berkeley research has paved the way to numerous discoveries, that have gone on to create new fields and industries. From the development of the study of statistics, nuclear medicine, food sciences, gene editing, find your next blockbuster at Berkeley.

UC Berkeley’s Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) can accommodate a range of licensing alternatives, including exclusive, non-exclusive, field of use and other limited licenses, depending on the circumstances and industry sector. OTL’s primary objective in its technology transfer program is to benefit the public through rapid and effective commercialization of its useful research. OTL negotiates all of its agreements with this objective in mind. OTL will work with potential licensees to establish terms that are fair and appropriate for the technology and the particular industry sector.

To license a technology, simply find the case page and contact the assigned OTL representative, or click "Request Information" in the upper-left corner. The OTL representative assigned to the case will respond shortly after with instructions to begin the material transfer process.

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