UC Berkeley's Office of Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances (IPIRA) was created in 2004 to enhance the research enterprise of the Berkeley campus by establishing and maintaining multifaceted relationships between Berkeley researchers and private companies. These relationships include sponsored research collaborations and intellectual property commercialization. IPIRA reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research and consists of two peer divisions: the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL), and the Industry Alliances Office (IAO).

IPIRA helps researchers seek Industry research partnerships, conduct industry-sponsored research, request and transfer materials, apply for SBIR/STTR funds and grants, protect intellectual property rights, commercialize technologies, and start companies. IPIRA serves as a common liaison for companies when interfacing with Berkeley researchers, resources, and technologies. IPIRA supports companies who wish to sponsor research, join industry affiliate programs, enter into an SBIR or STTR agreement, or license technologies from UC Berkeley. IPIRA can also assist companies who desire to support research through gift funding.

Berkeley employees, students and technology have engendered many new products, jobs and companies, all of which are critical economic drivers for the Bay Area and the State of California. Through IPIRA, the University is enhancing its key role in the ongoing cycles of technology innovation, commercial development, and reinvestment in the research enterprise.




Industry Alliances Office (IAO)

The Industry Alliances Office works with UC Berkeley employees and companies to enable innovative research relationships. The IAO is responsible for negotiating all research contracts with private industry. The office strives to streamline research agreement negotiations and management. In this capacity, the office has signed contracts with over 800 companies world-wide.

The most frequent IAO-related activities include:
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Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

UC Berkeley's Office of Technology Licensing catalyzes commercial and non-commercial applications of the University's innovations through progressive stewardship of the University's intellectual property (IP). The OTL spurs the commercialization of Berkeley innovations by establishing IP agreements with companies. These agreements improve those companies' ability to obtain the risky investments and resources needed to commercialize the innovations. Likewise, the OTL supports the non-commercial development of innovations at Berkeley by establishing material transfer agreements and the IP provisions of collaborative research agreements with companies and other research sponsors. The OTL also promotes entrepreneurialism on the Berkeley campus by advising faculty, researchers and students on IP-oriented matters related to research collaboration, technology licensing, faculty consulting and start-up formation.

The most frequent OTL-related activities include: