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Office of Technology Licensing

UC Berkeley's Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) catalyzes commercial and non-commercial applications of the University's innovations through progressive stewardship of the University's intellectual property (IP).

The OTL spurs the commercialization of Berkeley innovations by establishing IP agreements with companies. These agreements improve those companies' ability to obtain the risky investments and resources needed to commercialize the innovations.

Likewise, the OTL supports the non-commercial development of innovations at Berkeley by establishing material transfer agreements and the IP provisions of collaborative research agreements with companies and other research sponsors.

The OTL also promotes entrepreneurialism on the Berkeley campus by advising faculty, researchers and students on IP-oriented matters related to research collaboration, technology licensing, faculty consulting and start-up formation.

  • To disclose an invention or software to UC Berkeley, go here.
  • To search for opportunities to license IP of UC Berkeley innovations, go here.
  • To license IP from UC Berkeley, go here.
  • To obtain research materials developed at UC Berkeley, go here.

The scope of the OTL's activities include:

  • Evaluating the commercial potential of innovations
  • Assessing the patentability of inventions
  • Patenting inventions
  • Registering copyrights
  • Marketing patentable inventions, tangible materials, and copyrightable software
  • Establishing IP rights agreements including licenses
  • Receiving and distributing proceeds from IP rights agreements
  • Establishing the IP provisions of collaborative and sponsered research agreements
  • Advising the campus community on all matters related to IP

For more information, contact, or see contact information or directions to our office.