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The Industry Alliances Office is designated to review, negotiate, and sign incoming MTAs or DUAs on behalf of UC Berkeley. This contract must be completed before UC Berkeley can accept research materials or data from another institution or from a company.


1. To submit an MTA or DUA request, please complete a Phoebe proposal.

✓   For guidance, review the instructions on how to complete a Phoebe proposal record.

✓   As part of your Phoebe proposal, include an unsigned copy of the provider’s MTA or DUA (preferably as a Word document).

✓   If your request is for human subject materials or data, include an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval letter.

✓   Also include any correspondence or documentation that you have received from the material or data provider.

2. Alternatively, you can submit your completed materials request form or the data request form along with the provider’s unsigned MTA and, if applicable, the IRB approval to




Your request will be assigned to an IAO negotiator who will review the information you have provided. In the case of materials, IAO will verify with the UC Berkeley Office of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) that the use of the materials is compatible with your lab’s biological use authorization (BUA). In the case of data, IAO will work with Research IT and/or the Privacy Office if needed on questions pertaining to data security, data management plan, or privacy.

Since most MTAs and DUAs will require some revision, the IAO negotiator will reach out to the material or data provider to negotiate any changes needed to the terms of the agreement. When finalized, IAO will sign the agreement on behalf of UC Berkeley.

The more complete the information provided at the outset, the more expeditious the review. The material or data provider’s agreement will likely include language that must be negotiated so that the final terms are aligned with UC policies and practices, as well as state and federal laws and regulations, so please plan ahead.

Visit the Berkeley Research Data Portal for information on data gathering, sharing, management, analysis, security, and privacy.

No, if the sponsor of your project is the federal or state government, or a non-profit or a foreign government, please keep working with the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO). If your project is sponsored by industry, the Industry Alliances Office (IAO) will handle your agreement. If the review and negotiation of the agreement requires advice, SPO and IAO will work together to come to a workable solution.

If your research requires human biological specimens or data that was collected from humans, the research project must be reviewed and approved by the Office for the Protection of the Human Subjects (OPHS). OPHS coordinates the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Berkeley campus. Please check with the OPHS Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS) for guidance on what research needs CPHS/OPHS review.

Email questions about receiving materials or data to

If you have any issues with the online form in Phoebe, request assistance at

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